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Hi , you can call me Shadez. I’m a trained public speaker and writer . I studied psychology and business and have personal experience with mental health and addiction of a loved one. I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help.
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I’ve always been referred to as someone they’ve known their whole lives, even after meeting them about a half an hour prior. Everyone has always felt so comfortable telling me things because I have not judged or made anyone feel out of line for speaking their feelings or thoughts. My name is Megan Brianne, I was born in CA in the 80’s. Majority of my life I have been raised in 3 different states, West Coast, Wasatch Front/Rocky Mountains, and ‘The sticks’ in the South, Arkansas. I have a brother I have never met whom was adopted out, 3 blood sisters, a step brother and step-sister. The parents of all are my Mom and her now husband, John, my father Kevin and my other half-sister’s father, (my mother’s first husband) Raymond; then there’s the mother of my step-siblings, her name is Joy, the ‘evil’ step-mother. I graduated from my 6th HS, with my diploma in Sandy, UT. It was hard because I was pregnant my senior year with the love of my life who me lived 1600 miles away from me, in AR. Not only this hardship, but, I had gotten into trouble dropped out a couple times so I didn’t have very many credits acquired. I went to 3 different colleges, accumulated debt, lost friends and family members to cancer, murder, car accidents, suicides, health problems, you name it. So, if you are feeling alone, I have been there. I am someone who has, from experience, ‘been there too’. There is one thing that separates us though. So, although, you have had very similar experiences, the feelings you felt and the viewpoints you had were very different from mine. This reasoning stems from a strong personal belief, that, because you had different parents, siblings, upbringing, traumas, partners, friends, jobs, schooling, religion/spiritual beliefs, etc., you will definitely have more hardships from these experiences or, less. Therefore, I cannot say It TRULY understand in the same way that you may understand it. This is, by far, the best thing for you because I can offer you an ear to hear your pain, happiness, fright, peace, or whatever you may be feeling. By listening I am here for you, truly I am, to offer you anything you are looking for; from a different viewpoint, to advice, to just vent about life’s struggles, or hurdles. I am not anyone who will, or especially can, judge someone for their thoughts, mistakes, or actions. I am friends with people from all walks of life, I am here for you too.
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My name is Emmy and I am a great listener. I have lived quite the crazy life so, I assure you, there is nothing you can say to me to make me judge you or that will shock me! Come on! Try me!
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Hi there. I’ll be here if you need some advice wanna infodump or just to vent.
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If you’re simply looking for someone to listen, I’m here for you. Give me a call or send a message. I’m here to help. ❤️❤️❤️ Auri my personal website is
I’m a GREAT listener and I have always been told that I give good advice. Feel free to open up to me. No judgment, no worries.
just be your self and feel better
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councillor tutor teacher customer service representative
I'm a hard worker and I will give the advice
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I’m a 30 year old female from the Midwest 🥰🥰 I’m a single mother to an amazing son. I love to be creative and restore the beauty back into things that others see as trash. I’m very open minding, and definitely agree with the saying “You learn something new everyday.” I try to live my life that way, always learning and listening!
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hi, my name is Bob
Topics: Family, Drama and Dogs
I am a married mama of 3. I am native English speaking. i have 2 dogs and I like to listen to podcasts sometimes.
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Hello everyone, I’d love to talk to you! I love pets, people & starting business.
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Mother of 2 daughters with plenty of love and compassion to give. I love helping those in need of emotional support. I am sincere, honest and will listen carefully, attentively and sympathetically without judging prematurely. Whether or not I'm able to fully relate, my compassion won't go unnoticed.
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my self
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I think I’m a pretty good listener, tell me if you agree (:
Anne AA
hi! I’m Anne! I’m a stage 4 blood cancer survivor and can definitely talk about all things cancer and the effects it has on us mentally, physically, and spiritually!
Hey I'm New Here
Topics: Open, Ideas, Problems, Gaming, Art and Relationship
hi I am kaykay and I am a grate Listener and am here for you
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hi I’m Orestes. I’m all ears.
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Hey there, my name is Shanice and I am self employed. I love listening to people and just being social in general. I’m a professional residential and commercial house cleaner. I enjoy drawing, painting & reading as my hobbies and spending quality time with my family.
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A good comunication starts with two big ears....
hi. my name is Jasmine and I'm on here to help listen and hopefully me listening will not only help an individual but also let them know that a ear sometime is all someone needs. hit me up I'm here for your
fun loving stay at home mom! BA in Psychology.
Hi, I am a female who has experienced more in my last 16 years of life than the average person. When I was at my worst I wanted to talk to someone who would just listen and give me advice only when I asked for it. For years I was pushing my feelings down. And thx to this app I don’t have to do that anymore. All I want to do is to help people like me become them selves again and have less stuff to worry about.
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I'm a good listen. always available to lead a hand, shoulder to learn on and dependable when needed.
I consider myself to be a very good listener whether it’s about what’s stressing you out in your life with your job or even your love life. I also consider myself to be the one to give good advice when it’s asked for. even if you don’t want to talk I’m always up to just listen so your able to release everything.
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Hi there🥰 Let's chat!
Hi, What’s on your mind? Is there something bothering you? I’m here to listen to you. You can tell me anything. So let’s start...
Hello. My name is Stephanie.
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Hello, my name is Ash. I am 35 and with friends all over the world. One of my favorite things is meeting new people and hearing their stories. I am here to be a friend and listen. We all have different stories and backgrounds but what we all have in common is we all want to be heard and understood, that can be difficult at times, especially in our current world.
hi there I’m Emma I’m from Canada
Am a very good person
I’m a dog trainer , landscaper, mother to one, and I love plants animals, living happy and healthy
Debbie culver20
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I’m a stay at home Momma my daughter is 16 so Listening is my specialty we all know how teens are...So if you need a good set of ears to listen I’m your girl! I’ve had lots of experience of course with my daughter but though out my 36 years of life. I know what it’s like to be cheated a single parent and struggle from day to day, have that horrible job that don’t pay enough, be behind on bills, loose a parent/loved ones, I’ve had my battles with addiction and have been 3 years clean...anything you may need to get off your mind, reassurance, an opinion etc...I’m here!
sterbova 30
Psychology Graduate and an amazing listener.
Lavonta Moore
hello my name is lavonta I am here to listen
Topics: Crime, Parenting, Life Hacks, Credit and Conspiracies
I’m a dedicated mother who works hard to provide the best possible future for my children. I love a good conspiracy theory to anyone who is willing to discuss. I’ve also been trained in many areas of the credit industry and have about 10+ years of experience. My knowledge comes from collections, debt settlement and consolidation, credit repair and some lending knowledge. I am also a human being with a past, like most people have, and let me tell you, I’m no angel. I enjoy listening to people and will only engage if solicited. So if you just want someone to listen or want to build a dialogue with someone, I’m all in!
Topics: Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Climate Change and Politics
hello! I’m new to this but we can figure out anything together
Non-judgmental safe space. Everyone deserves to be heard with kindness, compassion and confidentiality.
Topics: Movies, Lgbt, America, Comicbooks, Marvel, Disney and Conspiracies
I’m here to listen not judge.
Honest, Trustworthy, and Wise beyond my years.
I am an intellectual person that has charisma and a great attitude in life.
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Hello! My name is Robert I’m 31 yes old married have children and am a recovering addict and have always been there for others around me I love to listen and give feedback when needed feel free to contact me I’m here to listen.
hi need cash I’m smart
Hello. My name is Saliyah McQueen. I am from Net York City. Ihave moved around many times in my lifespan. I am currently 21 and attending Penn State University. I believe everyone should have someone who is rational and not judgemental to listen to them.
Hello I’m Christina :) I’ve always been the person my friends reach out to when they need someone who will listen and understand in a relatable, caring way. I’d love to be your listener! I pride myself in being very caring, compassionate, down to earth, and real. I’ve been through so many things throughout my life that have led me to be able to empathize with so many different topics of conversation and life experiences, which is what has molded me into being such an intent listener. Sometimes we all just need someone who will listen to us vent so we can release the stress and anxieties we deal with in our daily lives. Someone who may give us a perspective we haven’t thought about ourselves, or maybe one we have thought of, but we just need validation or reassurance from someone who isn’t so directly involved. I’m here for you and I’m so willing to hear what’s on your heart and mind. Please reach out, anytime ❤️
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I am Taylor, and I am hear to listen to what you need to say. There is no judgement passed and I will try to help you the best I can!
if you ever need to bring you can talk to me I hope you like a ghost and never tell people about what you talk about all your secrets are safe with me
hi my name is Susan I like to have fun I make the best out of anything
hi.. I love shopping an horses
I’m Brianna I love to listen
Love learning new things
Amethyst Jewel
Hello my name is kaila aka amethyst, which is the 12th Jewel. I am here just to listen! talk to you soon.
Queen Yvette
I don’t have a ton of time to call, but I will text all day long. 😊
very rare
hey I’m Diamond
Kai Gordon
Hi my name's Kailey but call me Kai if you want.