Topics: Movies, Stargate, Books, Life Hacks, Climate Change, Conspiracies and Technology
I am a listener, I am here to give you a pending ear that you need, please get in contact with me. I am here to listen to you. I do not judge
My name is Ashley. Im a stay at home momma of 4 wonderful nuggets. I coach 46 kids in soccer every spring and fall. I wanted to do this job because I wish at one point in my life that I had someone to talk to when I was in the worst times of my life. I’m an amazing listener and love to give advice if wanted.
a woman with a plan
Topics: fitness, weather, cosmetics and OpenTopics
I am ready to listen.
I’m hear to listen
Topics: Writing, PhiladelphiaEagles, Jesus, Money, Personalfinance, Hacks and Survival
"God is good all the time and all the time God is good". Hello. How are you? Go Eagles!
lauren nicole
Topics: Science, History, Physics, Anything, Addiction, Advice, Relationships, Kids, Family, Life, Love, Life Hacks, Politics, Books, Conspiracies and Technology
Great conversation is so hard to come by these days. So are people who are willing to slow down long enough to genuinely listen to what you have to say. Whether you want to talk about things that are difficult to discuss with friends and family or you just want to casually converse about whatever topic pops into your head, you've come to the right person. Who am I? I'm Lauren. And I'm listening.
i dont know..
Topics: Technology, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
my name is Dana and I am a single mother age 44
Topics: Surfing, Baseball, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Climate Change, Japanese, Conspiracies, Sports and Technology
Always here for an ear!!
I’m Melissa I’m 27 years old mom of 2 girls
Topics: Stressrelief, Organizing, Life Hacks, Anything, Conspiracies and Books
hey guys, I’m new here but not new to listening! I love food, cooking, baking, watching tv, movies, crocheting and spending time with my family.
Topics: Music, DeStressing, Hobbies and Life Hacks
Hello, my name is Dee.
I am 44 year old single mother of five and here to listen
Topics: Playlist, Study and Design
hi I’m HQK. Ask me for advice on design, music, videos, or art.
Topics: EasyEnglish, Engagement, Pleasures, Selflove, Whateveryouwant, Ukraine, Bosnian, Russian, Chinese, Anime, Clothes, Beautiful, Live, Laugh, Love, Vocabulary, Englishhelp, Science, English, Surfing, Relationshipadvice, Japanese, PracticeEnglish, Everything, Anything, Cats, Dogs, Cars, Animals, Beinghappy, Pleasure, Beads, Crafts, Language, Cooking, Pets, Technology, Climate Change, Politics, Life Hacks, Baseball, Books, Conspiracies and Sports
hi. let's spend time learning from each other. i'm excited to talk with you about all kinds of things. give me a chance and I just might surprise you. talk to me.
Topics: Life Hacks, Japanese, Books, Politics, Climate Change and Conspiracies
get goals, change lives, build
Topics: Friendship, Listener, Life Hacks, Relationships, Hobbies, News, Health, Books and Sports
Greeting I'm Jennifer. At this time I work as a Notary Public. I've been working in this area for three years. Before that I worked in public security.My hobbies include tennis, reading about nutrition and health, Pingpong, walking and working out . Having a bad day or just feeling blah let's talk about it. Just want to vent, let me hear it. Or if you just need me to listen, I'm here.
Topics: Tv, Music, Gratefuldead, Cooking and Life Hacks
Topics: Anythingyouwanttotalkabout, Football, Life, Goals, Camping, Hiking, Traveling and Pets
Kind hearted, sensitive, strong and independent.
I'm a good listener and I truly care about people
Topics: MentalHealth, Grief, Life Hacks, Psychology, Animals, Dogs, Confidence, Relationship, Addiction, Trauma, Roleplay, Philosophy, Conspiracies and Politics
I'm very easy going and making connection comes very natural to me regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity. I'm a giver at 🖤, so if I can make your day a little sweeter by listening and/or chatting it genuinely makes me happy. When someone realizes they just shared their forbidden secrets or life stories after hardly knowing me I'm often told it wasnt intentional, but they just felt comfortable and safe as if talking to their favorite bartender, forbidden mistress, barber/hairdresser, priest/pastor, life-long best friend and dog. Any and All topics welcome! Can't wait to hear from you! xoxo
The Reliable Ear & Shoulder to Lean On
Topics: Help, Advice, Relationships, SubstanceAbuse, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, MentalHealth, Baseball, Sports, Climate Change, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Technology and Conspiracies
Compassionate, relatable, honest & uplifting. Listens effortlessly to genuinely understand & relate to others. I always try my best to see the best in everyone/everything and maintains a healthy level of optimism.
Topics: CareerChallenges, BeingAWidow, Suicide, LovingAnAddict, Addiction, DontSayAnythingJustListen, JustNeedAFriend, Dating, InTheBedroom, NaughtyOrNice, DealingWithOthers, JustVentItsOkay, WhatsNext, DoYouBelieve, TheNineties, TheEighties, LifeRegrets, GettingOld, LetsLaughOurWayThroughIt, TheThreeStooges, GreatWithAdvice, GenerallyAGoodListener, EverythingDog, GirlTalk, StayingCyberSafe, ComputerKnowHow, Music, BeingAquarius, BeingAnEmpath, FriendsAndTrust, Homelessness, CopingWithLoss, DeClutter, OrganizingYourLife, SelfEsteem, ThickGirlLife, Learning, Baseball, Depression, Parenting, Fashion, RockHunting, Humanity, BusinessOperations, Narcissism, Relationships, Technology, DomesticAbuse, PetCare, Sports, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
Wondering through this thing called life. I'm a good listener, able to provide honest, invaluable and positive affirmation based on life experience. We all need a friend, especially one who can listen unbiasedly.
Topics: Gaming, Movies, Life, Parenting, Conspiracies, Technology, Books and Life Hacks
independent outspoken young mother of Five just trying to thrive in a world not just survive
Topics: Whatsonyourmind
Here to listen and not judge advice if wanted if not I’m all ears. it’s just us
Topics: Cars, Friendship, Relationships, UFC, Boxing, AmusementPark, Conspiracies, Climate Change, Socialmedia, Family, Jewelry, Fashion, FavoriteFood, Cooking, Restaurants, Dating, VideoGames, Travel, Tvshows, Movies, Anime, Basketball, Football, Politics, Baseball, Sports and Technology
always happy and a loyal person and a great Listener and a great talker and I would love to listen to anything you want to talk about
Topics: Sports, Baseball, Surfing, Technology, Conspiracies, Japanese, Politics, Climate Change, Books and Life Hacks
hello I'm here to listen to any and everyone who is need for someone to talk to,I'm open-minded to whatever conversation.
Hello! Ilove to listen to your stories and any type of issues you have, if I can lend help in any way that’s successful to me! Iam a great listener and I am very empathetic to your feelings. No judgement here!
Topics: Technology, Books and Conspiracies
stay at home Mom just figuring out life
Topics: Money, Shopping, Fashion, Business, Divorce, Marriage, Love, Spouse, Cooking, Worklife, Motivation, Life, School, Children, Relationships, Family, Life Hacks and Sports
I am a one of a kind women that is always people's go to person when they are in need of just a listening ear. Someone they know is not going to judge them based off what they are venting about. I am a very trustworthy kind hearted person.
I am a good people person. I will always listen.
I love animals, cars, and kids.
Topics: All, Misinterpreted, Japanese, Baseball, Books, Politics, Sports, Climate Change, Technology, TRUST, Conspiracies, Life Hacks and Surfing
I'm a great listener, great understand? Er, observer and excellent determination. Determination, great accommodator. Lee's input best outcome
laura k
hi I'm laura. I'm 47 years old and have a lot of life experience in a broad area of topics and would love to hear what you have to say!
Very self conscious and empathetic personality.
Topics: Sports, Conspiracies and Life Hacks
nice ,good listener
I’m here to listen and we’ll go from there
Topics: Politics, Books, Technology, Conspiracies, Baseball and Sports
Topics: singing and tiktok
my name is jabri’a i’m 22 years old i love to sing and dance i have 9 other siblings 5 boys and 4 girls i was adopted at the age of 9
Topics: Badjokes, Mom, Selflove, Selflessness, Life, Sex, Chakras, Elephants, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Psychology, Psychic, Ghosts, Mediumship, Spirit, Spiritual, Conspiracytheories, Climate Change, Awakening, Family, Pets, Relationships, MentalHealth, Children, Spirituality, Love, Life Hacks, Books and Conspiracies
Empathy and Compassion are key
Lady Divine
Hello, did some one say they need a ear to lean on 😁 or you need a ear and I need to hear some new things. My phone is always open to hear from you. Need some positive energy with out the extra constructive feedback. Want to be heard and not talked at? Want to be listened to? well I'm the right Divine Feminine for the job. With high energy and a open mind I'm ready to listen to things you don't want other to know or even speak about. its time to get things off your chest. I'm Lady and it's nice to be your Favorite Listener. 😍
welcome you talk and I will be your open ear. I will not judge and I will always be honest with whomever Im listening to. our conversation are private and I will honest feedback if you want me to.❤️
hello I’m Keyondra
Topics: Hair, Nails, Jesus, BLM, Marriage, LGBTQ, Social, Surfing, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
I am all ears!
Topics: Health, Arthiritis, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Food, Culture, Surfing, Conspiracies, Technology and Climate Change
plain & edgy.
Nova Elaine Star
Topics: Baseball, Surfing, Books, Life Hacks, Politics, Climate Change, Technology, Sports and Conspiracies
Hi! I'm Nova!
16 yrs old
Hey everyone, I'm Heaven! I'm a fun-loving and adventurous person who enjoys exploring new places and trying new things. I'm also a big fan of photography and capturing beautiful moments. Looking forward to getting to know you all! And I’m all ears "
Topics: Smalltown, Illinois, Blacksheep, Chemotherapy, Cancer, Narcissisticabuse, Narcissism, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
I am a 49 year old female empath. Also I am an invasive breast cancer survivor who is still going through treatment . I am a mother of two grown children and a 13 year old girl. I have been on my own since I was 15. I enjoy giving and helping others. I would love just to listen if that is what you need. I have lived a hard life with many array of situations and people. I am currently in a relationship with a Narcissist who has abused me emotionally, physically and mentally for 5 years of our 10 year relationship. I am still trying to figure it all out.
I am outgoing and love music and all gendres. Love to spend time with family and my beloved animals and I love enjoying the world.
Topics: Life Hacks, Books, Technology, Climate Change, Politics and Sports
"It's a pleasure to introduce Hello, my name is nia . I am a (year in school) studying (major) at Western Michigan University. my Goal: I am looking for (internship/full-time position and more opportunities for me . and helping out the people around the world with English help !
Topics: Anything, Cars, Phonesex, Lifegoals, Opentoanything, Relationships, Love, Food, Life Hacks, Books, Climate Change, Sports, Technology and Baseball
I’m always open to hear and help you. I promise I’ll become your best friend. I’m here to talk about anything and everything
Topics: Books, Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Technology and Sports
My name is Chris and I’m always here to hear what anyone has to say I love helping people
here to listen and help💕
Ronnie G
if you wanna talk I am here to listen
Topics: Life Hacks, Books, Baseball and Sports
Hello! Great listener and willing to listen for hours!
I’m a mom of four children. my oldest being 20 year old, female. and my youngest being Six-year-old young lady. I also have a 13-year-old young man and a nine-year-old young lady as well. I am Homemaker with Experience in a lot of life’s Challenges.
Topics: Depression, Crafts, Mentalhealth and Conspiracies
hi! Im Travis Marie I’m from Arkansas and a mother of 2 young adults. I love to read and take nature walks. hope everyone is having a fabulous day
I'm just curious
Topics: Oracle, Tarot, Help, Darkthoughts, Fitness, Psychology, Poetry, Music, Relationships, QuantumPhysics, Spirituality, Beauty, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
I'm a certified fitness trainer, licensed cosmetologist, and a psychology enthusiast pursuing my bachelor's degree. But that's just the beginning! When I'm not coaching others to reach their fitness goals or creating stunning hair masterpieces, you'll find me immersed in a world of creativity. Music is my passion, and I play both the bass guitar and guitar. "Listeners" is where my passions collide, inviting you to embark on a journey where art, fitness, and psychology intertwine. Join me as we explore the intersection of these realms, unlocking the secrets to holistic well-being, creative inspiration, and personal growth. So, whether you're seeking guidance on sculpting your physique, craving a fresh look that matches your vibrant spirit, or yearning to delve into the depths of the human mind, "Listeners" is your sanctuary. Together, let's embrace the harmonious blend of artistry, strength, and understanding that lies within us all. Welcome to a world where your passions are celebrated and nurtured. Welcome to "Listeners." 🌟
work hard play harder
Topics: Oldtimesoul, Cooking, Food, Artisticlandscaping, Mentalhealth, Adhd, Politics, Life Hacks, Technology, Sports, Conspiracies and Baseball
Hi, my name is Natasha. I am finally doing what have always been told I’m good at. which is being a helpful friend and ear. I truly enjoy talking/listening to others. Good or Bad. I have been through my own trials and tribulations and would love to help in any way I can. I have a great sense of humor, from sad jokes to crude humor. I look at life with as an open book. with a good mix of science and multiple religions. I believe everyone needs the chance to smile.
hi peeps 😚
hi my name is Trayona and I am a big fan of music and fitness I love to read and learn new things from people . feel free to have a chat with me 💚
Meet Josh Polanco, a skilled glazier with a passion for home improvement. Beyond perfecting glasswork, Josh finds joy in exploring sports and indulging in movies during his downtime.
Topics: Technology, Life Hacks, Mentalhealth and Relashionship
hello I am Alexis and I am here to listen I know how hard it is not to have anyone to talk to. I am here for you as a friend and would love to listen and give you the best advice
Topics: Sports, Conspiracies, Baseball, Life Hacks and Books
peace love and respect
here to listen good!
I am a compassionate person that understands that everyone struggles. I also work with children, adolescent and adults who need emotional support which has helped me become a good listener. I understand how to maintain healthy boundaries and how to maintain my client's privacy.
Topics: Technology, Conspiracies, Life Hacks, Books, Politics and Climate Change
Hello. I’m Cassie. I’m excited to speak with you. I will do whatever I can to help.
Topics: FuckXmas, Halloween, TwiztidBitch, Juggalette, BlowJobTechniques, Witchcraft, MissingFromNatlParks, UnsolvedMysteries, SatanicHollywood, Music, Painting, Crafts, Cryptids, Paranormal, FlatEarth, Aliens, Beliefs, Apocalypse and Conspiracies
After a lot of miserable, failed, relationships, I realized how peaceful single life can be as long as you can learn to enjoy your own company, and don't let yourself get lonely. People can only treat you the way you allow them to, and I refuse to give anybody the chance to even think about doing me wrong. Loneliness is very addicting...
I'm a mother of two who is here for you and can relate to being a mother, a wife, and a friend. I'm a caring person and a great listener. Let's chat soon!
Topics: Losingaloveone, Conspiracies, Technology, Sports, Baseball, Ptsd, Trauma and Life Hacks
I am a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body . It’s so easy to get consumed with the temporal, I like to remind myself my true nature is unseen and unmoved by the cares of this world . I am an animal and nature lover all the way!
Topics: LGBTQIA, Advice, Relationships, Drama, Life, Animals, Surfing, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Climate Change, Japanese, Baseball, Conspiracies, Sports and Technology
Hi, I’m Kasey! I’m a 36 year old mom of a 13 year old daughter. I’m here for you! You are not alone, you are wanted, you are worth it!
hello my name is Deja I’m 22 a great listener when you need someone to talk to
Hi I am open to listening to whatever you need to talk about.
Topics: Anything, ThinkingOutLoud, SmallTalk, PersonalThoughts, Relationships, Animals, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Climate Change, Conspiracies and Technology
Are there things that you cant express to the people around you? Do you feel like you will be judged when talking about certian topics? Feel like theres no one around to even listen to your thoughts? Well no need to worry anymore for I am here! You can talk to me about anything. No matter how big or how small! You can think out loud, or express whats going thur your mind, or just talk because no one is around. ill listen carefully to what your saying and I promise i will withold any personal Judgement, because after all thats why I am here! I can be your Safe Call.
Sincere listening
Dedicated listener with a passion for understanding clients' needs and concerns. Proven ability to foster open communication and create a supportive environment. Committed to providing empathetic and thoughtful responses, ensuring clients feel heard and valued in every interaction
Topics: Bible, Deliverance, Teaching, Marriage, Discipling, Christianity, Parenting, Prayer, Jesus and Homeschooling
Follower of Jesus. Wife. Stepmom. Mom to six. Homeschool Teacher. B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Prayer Partner.
Here to provide you my undivided attention, empathy, and a judgement free zone. I’m a mom in my mid twenties.
Topics: UFO, Aliens, Life Hacks, Conspiracies and Climate Change
looking for friends
Lan Tanna
Welcome to my listening and understanding realm of warmth, where I'm your friendly listening ear. Excited to explore, chat, and make our interactions delightful. Let's embark on this journey together – your virtual confidant, always here to share in your moments, big or small. 🚀✨
Topics: Intimatcy, Conspiracies, Books, Wifeadvice, Life Hacks, Advice, Cars and Sports
I’m here to listen whether you want to complain, brag ask for advice I am here for you no judgements
I’m a very bubbly sweet kind hearted person outgoing and funny
Well Rounded Unbiased and Authentic
28 - From North Dakota so I quite literally have nothing better to do then chase around my 3 adorable crotch goblins , drink ( drunkest city in the USA ) and listen to whatever you have to say … and I’ll drop some advice .. or not.
Hey my name is Tyriq and I'm now to this
Your story matters
Topics: Selfcare, Motherhood, Anxiety, Relationships, Bullying, Depression, Struggles and Life
Hello I am 44 yrs old and have 2 teenage girls and have alot of experience with teens, addiction, relationships and family trauma. I’m Mexican American and only speak English. I am a really down to earth non judgemental human being. Nobody is perfect, we are all flawed in some way and that’s ok.
I'm a soft hearted woman