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funny outgoing
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My name is Taylor. I am pretty good at giving advice and I am easy to talk to.
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I’m a single mom AZ native, recently been out on my own for last two years I love movies, riding quads dirt bikes ect, being outdoors and in getting intouch with my spirituality.
Hi there! If you need someone to talk to I'm available and care about your needs.
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As a young and motivated individual I am extremely interested in having the opportunity to help those in need in anyway I can help. I am confident that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job adeptly and perform listeners expectations.
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Hello there, I’m 22. I love painting and I have 3 cats and a dog. love being outdoors
I’m the best
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My name is Stephanie I'm 27 years old. I've lived in Ventura county my whole life. I'm a great listener and have alot of patience. I'm very friendly and professional. I have great communication skills and always have alot of free time on my hands to talk about anything. I don't judge anybody and whatever we talk about I will respect everybody's privacy. Whenever friends or family need advice or someone to talk to they come to me. I'm fluent in English and Spanish.
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i am an American.i am 5 2. 120 lbs. christian. single and looking. i get bored. so.after work im going walmart then home. today. 47 age.
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hey there! I’m Alexis and I would love to hear anything you have to say. I nothing but time😄
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cool calm laid back
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I’m a mother and wife. I am wanting to listen and help others.
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My Nane is Paul M. I am a Internationally Certified Life Coach. I can help you what ever your problem is or what your needs are for me to help you. I am a Psychology Student at Western University in my senior year. I will be taking my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I lead a healthy and active life and I am in a loving relationship with a beautiful woman soon to be married. I am 53 with lots of life experiences and I am a born again Catholic Christian.
Steven haxsaw
Hello, I’m a trauma survivor. I lived through a lot and survived. I understand more than most. And I’m willing to listen. Tragedy can be hard, but pushing through will make you harder. I’m living proof.
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Open minded, friendly and reliable
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I’m a great listener. Also I’ve had some life experiences, so if you want advice or Even just for me to tell you about if/when I was in the same situation, so it can help you decide something or to even make you feel better. Talk to (hear from) you soon!
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hello I’m Jacqueline I’m here today to listen to whatever you need
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Active Listener for whatever you need.
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Hi, I'm megan, and I'm a great listener! im here to listen to whatever you need me to, provide friendly advice, and be your ally!
Hi Friends! I am Anna, I’m 26. I love animals and I work in pharmacy.
Hi, My name is Britt and I’m not sure what you may be going through but I am a great listener and I may have good advice if it’s wanted.
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My name is Sheshalom, studied psychology in my undergrad. originally from Malawi in the southern part of Africa. speak fluent English.
Photographer from Houston, Texas. I love showcasing the beauty of my city through my photographs.
I am CBT coaching certified and Active Listening trained. I am best at depression and anxiety but can also chat about just about anything! And will help be a sound board for your own thoughts and emotions. A wall to bounce ideas off. A friend to help you unfold your emotions and thoughts together!
I’m Lidss
Well I have been a consultant for several years and have done many different things as far as employ goes but find my passion in the EHS realm. COVID has taken its toll on business and so I seek to help my situation in helping others by listening; which to me is a forgotten art it seems when thinking of communication skills these days.
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My name is
there’s hope when you got someone to talk to in times of need. am here regardless just come an talk to me.
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Hello! I’m here to help you with questions you may have in certain fields, of knowledge that you may need help with!
Lisa J
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Let’s talk, I am also a great listener.
Uncle Johnny
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I’m a 58 year old married gay man. I’m a good listener and in my short life I have learned about about how to be happy. I think everyone should have the grace to become who they were created to be, and I think if you are positive. positive things will begin to happen.
Hello my name is Ashley
Im A Good listener i wanna make money n help u
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hello if you need to talk bout anything I would love to listen.... and give advice if needed.... I’m 30 yrs old have have been throw a lot so can help n listen to almost everything and anything
nice to meet u
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I am a 26 year old woman with a lot more experience in life than most people can claim in their whole lives. I am open to talk about anything.
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hey I’m to to this so be easy on me I’m sweet good listener
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I think the best way to describe myself is how my daughter described me to her support group, I just recently turned 50, Sept 5, 2020: When I was younger (I was just shy of 2 she was 23, now 46) my mom had a couple strokes that left her left side paralyzed , she's shown me throughout my entire life, as long as there's a will, there's a way, and you will find a way to make life work with you instead of against you. That's part of the reason why I've been so strong and pushed through years of pain and dismissal from doctors. She doesn't show how much pain she is in daily (left shoulder perm. dislocated and left knee hyper extends with every step) she relearned how to sit, stand, walk, and ski. even when the world throws her curve balls, she trys to keep positive (she was diagnosed with type 2, then 1 then brittle type 1.5 diabetes - erratic with no patterns in daily levels - within the last 8 years.) She's the reason I won't let Lyme keep me down,even though it hurts so much but we just have to keep fighting.

I am in no way trying to discount how you feel btw. I'm just trying to say stay positive. You will find ways you can interact with your kids the way you are now, waiting for that "how I used to" could be a while and they're only kids once, I don't think your kids would care if they had to slow down a little bit for you to keep up with them. My mom always made it a point to keep moving and stay active (ziplines, horseback riding, tubing on the lake, downhill skiing/racing, bowling.. you name it she's tried it), doesn't like the word can't. if there's one thing i've learned is there's always more than 1 way to get things done and it's not always going to be the fastest or easiest route.      
hello I am a great listener and always have a positive and empathetic attitude :)
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He that has and ear to hear let him hear
excellent listener with an incredible memory
Hello if you need help I will teach you. I am Briana in middle school.
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I’m a very driven, and motivational person who likes to hustle.
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I’m a man from Texas.
I don’t really have anything to say about myself but hey
hi I’m Megan
hello my name is amber and I am 26 years old with 10 cats and 3 dogs. I am married to my best friend.
I’m Derek