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I am a kind open minded understanding individual who has seen and heard it all. I’m happy to talk and listen with you and give you whatever you need. I am sincere and genuine I’m looking forward to being a sounding board or lightning rod whatever you may need.
Do you ever have those moments where you just need everything to stop and someone to hear you? Like you’re standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming, and no one looks up? I know that feeling, and I’m here to make sure you know that someone has looked up and will see you, and hear whatever you need to say.
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I’m here for you!
Topics: Music, Hockey, Work, Stress, Travel, Snowboarding and Architecture
I love and practice architecture. I also enjoy snowboarding and traveling. I would love to share my experience with you.
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i look forward to hearing from you. i am unbiased towards our conversation; take your time. no pressure, no prejudice. i like to remember that we are all human. we have to be stimulated and tended to. as humans we don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. without expressing ourselves it makes tough situations feel unbareable. our bodies register everything; memories may fade but the feeling is still with us. join me today.
Hello I’m excited to be apart of the team
austin play basketball
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Hello my name is Miss Tea.
Hi I'm here to listen 👂
I love playing soccer
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hey I love to listen and work situations out or give advice
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hello I’m Anika im open to open topics or anything that on your mind!
hi I’m Sam always here to help
just be your self and feel better
here to listen...
Listener 倾听者
Topics: ThankYou, AnyOtherIssue, PersonalRelationshipFamilyIssueLookingforOpinion, AnyComputerLaptopNotebookiPadTabletPhabletSmartPhonePeripheralIssue, PracticeChineseMandarin, EnglishSimplifiedOrTraditionalChineseMandarinTranslation and PracticeEnglish
Speak English and Chinese / Mandarin. Call me for: Practice English or Chinese / Mandarin, English - Simplified or Traditional Chinese / Mandarin Translation, Any Computer / Laptop / Notebook / iPad / Tablet / Phablet / Smart Phone / Peripheral Issue, Personal / Relationship / Family Issue Looking for Opinion, Any Other Issue. Thank You! 英语或汉语文/中文/华文/普通话聊天. 请联络我如果你想要:练习英语或汉语文/中文/华文/普通话,英语-简体或繁体汉语文/中文/华文/普通话翻译,任何电脑/计算机/手机/周边设备的疑问,为个人/社交关系/家庭问题寻求意见,任何其他的疑问。谢谢!
hey I’m
Topics: Hobbies, Goals, Baseball, Sports and Counselling
councillor tutor teacher customer service representative
hey I am Trenton, don’t know what to say on here but I’ve been through eVERYTHING POSSIBLE. I can help you I give stellar advice and I listen amazingly
Topics: Life Hacks, Technology and Sports
Hello my name is Kate and I am here to provide honest and helpful feedback:)
Topics: Technology, Life Hacks, Surfing and Climate Change
I am down to earth person open mind it I think outside the box as well inside the box. I love to share my experience with people I love working on cars all outgoing person been through a lot of problems and overcame them every day is a challenge but we get through it
Topics: Conspiracies
Hello thank you for connecting with listener's i would be glad to assist you today in listening to whatever it may be that you would like talking about.
Hi, my name is Catherine. I’m and author. Love to travel. Socialize with friends and meet new people. Love to read, write, knit, type and many more other things.
Topics: Any
Topics: Life Hacks, Art, Tattoos, Books, Japanese, Politics and Technology
Namaste, My name is buddha i am hear to listen and help. in turn the talkers will help me to be a bettwr listner in everyday life.
hello!! I am Ally, I am an early high school graduate. I enjoy helping others and seeing smiles. I love animals, hiking, and beautiful views. I am experienced at giving advice, listening, and assisting others. I am most experienced in advice regarding medical issues, toxic relationships, family issues, financial instability, and many more! i look forward to hearing from you, thank you.
Hi! My name is Andie. I’m a comms specialist, and diversity advocate who is a lover of anime and classical music.
Topics: Music, Money, People and Life
I enjoy helping others in need, and making those who feel like they’re worthless. I want them to know they are so much more then that and can over come ANY obstacles that comes in they life!!
Topics: Grief, Drugabuse, Mentalhealth, Depression, Life, Sports, Technology, Baseball, Surfing, Life Hacks, Politics, Conspiracies and Climate Change
Hi I’m Erin , I’m happy to help you in any way .
Topics: Etc, Cooking, Advice, Children, Makeup and Venting
Hello! I’m 30yrs old and a mother of 5. I’m very much a people person, love talking and great listener ! Call and give a chance!
Hi, I’m Breanna. Here to listen to you whenever you need.
Topics: ScientificComputing, Computers, Science, Algebra and Climate Change
Hi. I am easy to talk to so call me up!
I love to play soccer, I like to give advice to people who need it , I’m bilingual I speak both English and Spanish
Topics: TeensGIRLgossip, NETFLIX, Movies and Books
I love all all kinds of music❤❤❤💋💋💋
hello! my name is Alexis, I have one puppy and I’m a server at a bar & grill!
My name is Ailana Donato. I'm a Memory Care Coordinator at Fullerton Gardens as well as a Group Facilitator at D'Amore Healthcare. I'm looking to make extra money with my skills that I have.
Topics: Physics, Astronomy, Math, Trauma, Cannabis, Dating, Polyamory, Divorce, Therapy and MentalHealth
My name is Angela and I am an empathetic listener. Everywhere I go, people talk to me and tell me their stories. It is one of my favorite things and one of the things I miss most during the pandemic. I live with two partners, one who is an ADHD bisexual cis-Male and the other who is an autistic transwoman. I am a cis-female and bisexual. We are an out polyamorous family. I also have two other partners who are local but do not live with me. I have expertise in a few things, including: polyamory anxiety and depression mental health topics divorce trauma medical marijuana fibromyalgia, and conflict resolution. My degrees are in Physics, Astronomy (BA from Smith College), and Space Science (Degree from University of Michigan) so those are favorite topics as well. I am a math tutor, and I am available for hire by the hour for that as well!
My name is Andrea I have a 1 & 1/2 year old son. I live in Las Vegas. 🙃 I’m 21 and like to make new friends 🤪
I joined this app because I consider myself a great listener . I’ve been told my whole life whenever someone has approached for advice or just to speak about anything that I am a great listener. Helping people in anyway,shape or form is something I love doing and I think this is a great way to help some people that need someone to talk.
hi my name is Elena bashore and I'm 29 yes old. I love baby's and I love to clean , and I'm a very outgoing woman
Listening Guidance
Hi! I am your personal listening buddy there for the good times and the bad. Sometimes you don’t need advice but someone to listen and understand! Please know you are so loved!
Topics: parties, dances, Books, internet, women, school, church, gospel, Life Hacks and Politics
hello , my name is genevive and i am here to listen to all your concerns !!! it’s ok your thoughts are safe with me !! 💗
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your friend
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A great listener, for you!
I love to give people advice and listen to things going on in their lives . I like helping people , especially those who feel like they don't have anyone on their side or in their corner and showing them that they do .
Hi I love listening to others
loves to read, go shopping etc
Aaliyah J
My name’s Aaliyah and my favorite color is yellow🌻
Topics: Horror, Chill, AShoulderToCryOn, Gaming and Technology
Hi My Name is Sam, I’m here to be your best friend, always down to lend an ear to rant to or just chill and game with. I play everything so HMU. Lets chill!
like to play sports I live music love dancing I’m a out going like to have fun like traveling and I like shopping my favorite color is red I like video games
Topics: Climate Change, Books, Conspiracies and Technology
happy life