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A 21 year old that needs the let her mind wonder
hello pretty people
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i am really understanding. I am currently working and studying.
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Let’s get through whatever it is together. No one should ever have to do it alone.
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friendly and I’m here if you need to vent or just talk or listen .I’m 49 year old lady married 30 years 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter .so need advice I’m your girl😊
Hello I am a post grad psychiatrist who wants to help show love, understanding of ourselves, and why we do what we do.
I very spiritual
Dan Glen
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my name is Dan just on here in hopes that I can be a listening ear to those who are hurting , dispondant , and down cast
worldly, down to earth and maybe too down for earth
I’m one dedicated hard working woman .
hello my name is Emily, helping people is amazing and do you babes
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hi my name is Ninna I am 20 years old I am a psychology student and I am a very good listener
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Great conversationalist
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Hello folks. My name is Aaron and I am a very good listener/advice giver if that's what you need. Otherwise I'm a good ear. I have alot of real world experience. Both of my parents were counslers. I also spent a bit of time studying at Asphalt University (homeless/house less). I found myself listening to people's stories and life experience that has motivated me in the right direction. I saw what a profound weight was lifted off of peoples shoulders when someone (me) would take the time to just listen to them. So "hear" I am. Tell me....whats eating at you..
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Hello, my name is Sierra. I am very happy to be here and to help and lend an ear. I have been through a lot of things in my life and I wish someone would have been there for me.
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Nothing can keep you down once you have decided it can’t
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I'm a blind/visually impaired girl in college studying Psychilogy. I love chatting withe people. any questions about how I live, go right ahead! I don't get offended, and love joking about it. I'll talk about anything accept politics.
I'm a good listener. some times I give good advice. Im easy going and free spirited.
Hello! My name is Diamond and I am a good listener. I’m down to Earth and would love to hear from you! 🤍
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Hi!! My name is Cat! I live on the East Coast, am in my late 30s, I love hedgehogs, and have been told many times before that I'm a great listener. I can lend an ear and mete out advice but never can take my own advice which is usually spot on if I do say so myself! I've had many friends come to me over the years and ask for my opinion and I definitely give it, honest and unbiased! That's what I'm known for! So hmu and see what you think and what I have to say! Hope to hear from you soon! 🦔🦔🦔
Mrs.Davis MHP
Hello all!
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I'm super at just listening. I will listen to anything bothering you or that you need to get off your mind. Even about your car troubles, other people, crazy drivers, not enough money, jobless, etc. I do home garden, ride motorcycle alone on occasion, know how to destroy black mold, and other general, everyday type things.
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Hi! I am a college student, and I am a great listener! We can talk about almost anything, and can stay on the phone for however long you want!
Good Vibes
I’m a trove of useless information. I do know a lot bout certain things in various topics.
I am a friendly person and good listener. let's chat!
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Stay at home mom looking to make a few extra bucks and help out.
I am 19 and am a good listener ready to hear whatever you have to tell me and offer advice or anything else you require
41 year old married mother of 1! I believe in uplifting each other and always be a helpful ear if you can’t lift a helping hand!!
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Amazing listener with great experience!!
28 year old college graduate looking for the best way to be of service to the world.
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Hi, I am here to listen and to talk about life - feel free to contact me let’s chat - cheers !
I am here to listen
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hello I’m Staylee and I’m here to listen and help in anyway I can. my goal is to make you happy.
I would love to work from home! I have past experience jobs dealing with customers I hope this could work out for me thanks!
former life coach and social services case manager ready to listen
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Greetings from the LightEra; I am that I am; I am, I am Presence. A time traveling alien from outer earth. I have succeeded the God Matrix and my Omega Point. I am One. In being One, I am One with All and I am Whole. Selah. Welcome.
vey outgoing easy to talk to love adventurous
hi , I’m janiayh and I’m 18
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I’m Arryoune’ and I’m ready to listen!
i am ray i love work and doing great things
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Hi I am a really down to earth person who listens to everyone and everything around me because you never know what or who you can learn from and anything is possible on earth and anywhere else thanks and I hope you enjoy listening because I love to listen thanks.
hello my name is linsay and I am new to this
Tell me about it.
My name is Caleigh I’m here to listen if anyone needs to just rant or needs an opinion
Katlin O.
Hello, my name is Katlin.
easy going laid back good listener
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Book smart, Street smart, let's explore your options!
I’m me
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I am a bartender, server, and key at Chili’s. I am chill, laid back, and understanding. I have always been the type of person that people are comfortable talking to and opening up to. Judgement free but I will keep it real.
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hello, I'm tommy and I like to listen. that's some thing I'm extremely good at.
hi🙃 I’m 16 and I find talking to people is fascinated and I’m here to help what ever u desire
Hello! I’m Gabs and I’m 20 years old!! I’m a great listener with great advice!!
I am Amiya Mccoy I am 20 year old I have 1 girl & 1 on the way
I’m a great listener ! some of my favorite topics are spirituality, nutrition, goals, business, and relationships. ima a life coach and nutritionist as well.
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I am transgender and into sports and trying to take care of my family
Bobby Alexander Tackitt
my name is Brittany kenner and I am here to listen
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Hello, I am a 26 year old female, full time college student and mother of a 5 year old. Don’t let that discourage you, I always have time to listen to others! My family and friends alway come to me to talk because I just listen, give advice, and allow them to express themselves without being judged!
I love liten to music
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hello my name is Shira🥰✍🏾 and I love to communicate with new people experience new things I am adventurous I also love to write I do some sports
just here to make some money for my non profit organization
hello my name is lenisha and I’m here to listen !
hi my name is nicole, I'm not a professional councillor of any kind. that being said I'm always listening to my friends and their life issues, I'm always willing to try to give people the best advice I can think of to help. I'm not sure if it always helps them, but as I know from experience it always helps to have someone just listen to whatever is bothering you or on your mind. I'm totally willing to listen to whatever and if wanted try to give you some good advice. or maybe you just need a few pointers on how to go about doing something. whatever it is I'll totally listen and be non judgemental.