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am a good listener
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Mental Health Recovery Specialist & Case Manager
Topics: Sports
sport fanatic
Topics: Scifi, Food, Movies, Abuse, School, Emotions, Videogames, Prison, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Trauma, Pain, Religion, Space, Science, Politics, Books and Climate Change
Hi! I love listening. I have a degree in psychology and am studying to be a therapist. I can help provide perspective, validation, advice, or just someone to vent to. my goal in life is to reduce the suffering of all!
honest young man
Iris Cloud
Topics: Sports, Politics, Life Hacks, Podcasts, NewLove, Breakups, Dance, Crocheting, Emotions, Surfing, Art, Books and Baseball
Great Listener! I’m happy to listen to you talk about anything and everything! I’m here for advice if you ask, but am just a good listener and a shoulder to cry on. Hope to hear from you soon!
Mpowering One
Topics: Life Hacks, Books, Climate Change and Conspiracies
People tell me that I am a great listener but ever better coach. I am able to help them see from a different perspective and guide them out of misery and into success, peace and happiness.
its ya boi angle
hi I’m Lamoni
Topics: Books, Technology, Ideas, Dreams, Opinion, School, Random, Relationships, Friends, Life, Food, Conspiracies and Life Hacks
Hey, my name is Angel! I am literally open to hear whatever you need to say even if you just want to vent. I'm pretty sure that we all understand that nobody is perfect and we all eventually need someone to talk to whether it is for advice, venting, or boredom.
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You can call me Mel or Mellie! I’m available to listen to your problems, your achievements, and anything else you want to share with someone. I will mostly be available to listen in the evenings during the week and midday on weekends. — Let me know if there are any special instructions or necessities regarding your call —
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I’m Tiffany. I’m 26 years old and I’m single with no children. I have a Border Collie/Aussie Sheperd mix and I’m in school completing my bachelors in Biology. Personally, I think of myself as a “social butterfly.” I can relate to anyone no matter their upbringing, interests, or beliefs. Perhaps my best trait is that I’m very empathetic and understanding of others.
hi I’m not a big talker
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Hey! My name is Gianna and I’m 18 years old. I live in New Jersey but born and raised in Florida. Had a tough life so your safe to talk to me I will hear you out and offer any advice I can give!
happy hour
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I am your worst nightmare; the thing in the closet. Somehow, however, I’m cuddly 👁
Topics: Relationships, Coping, Emotions, Life Hacks and Stress
hi, my name is Matt. I enjoy helping people by listening and assisting them to think through their own thoughts. i'm not a professional, just experienced.
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Listening is what I’ve always excelled in within friends, family, & complete strangers so I’m thrilled to see a platform where I can help others by doing just that!
Topics: Life Hacks, Politics, Technology, Coronavirus and Conspiracies
Hi my name is Skylar. I have a degree in psychology and sociology.
im ready to work hard for you!
Hello my name is Kyre and I’m glad I can help...
Topics: News, Pets, Relationships, Environmental, World, TV, Movies, Music, Quarantine, Coronavirus, Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Politics, Books, Technology and Climate Change
Hello :) I am a welcoming Individual who enjoys all types of conversation. We can chat about current events, movies, tv shows, music, philosophy, or if you just want to vent, I am your girl. Give me a call and let’s chat, really hope to hear from you soon!
Topics: Photography, Everything, Anything, Movies, Moving, Crimes, Cash, Surfing, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Japanese, Baseball, Sports, Climate Change, Technology, Conspiracies, Venting, Love and Life
I’ll listen to anything you want to talk about.
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Licensed Cosmetologist, Lash Artist, Self Employed.
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I have an eclectic life history and education. I have a certificate in Early Childhood Education, 2 Associates Degrees (one in Fine Art, one in Psychology), a Bachelor Degree in Criminology with a Certificate in Social Violence. I have worked for Red Rocks Community College, Colorado Institute of Art, Frontier Airlines, AAA Colorado, Childwelfare, Color Specialist @Mary Kay, Papparazzi Jewelry and as a preproduction test car driver. And I have volunteered as a suicide hot line call taker. I am a good listener and a positive person. Need someone to just listen? Reassure you or give you a pep talk? or just want to shoot the breeze? Give me a call.
Topics: Comedy, Phonesex, Truecrime, Random and Dirty
I am a single mom I'm a really good listener
Topics: Someonetojustlistennotjudge, Positivity, Toxicpeopleissues, Reality, Lifelessons, Love, Life, Spiritual and Coronavirus
hi! my name is Sophia and I was born and raised in las vegas nv I'm 37 y/o. divorced mom of four boy's. I love to sing and cook and spend time with my family. I'm a great listener and will never judge you. so come on try me and let me listen to what u have to say!
Subby Chev
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Marketing Welcome . New Products . Ask About My Bypass Code. Standard Rates Apply. Reserve A Slot , Today
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If you need a friend, I can be there for you! I enjoy getting to know different perspectives from other people. If you are a student that wants to know more about college life, I talk with you! I have an unwavering tenacity that gets things done. I’ve donated my time to advancing others careers through mentorship advice, resume writing, and starting a Pre-Law Honors Society on my college campus.
Topics: Tarot, Readings, Adult, Advice, Lifestyle and Conversation
hi I’m Heidi, friendly intuitive and I am here for you.
Topics: Anything, Relationships, Kids, Life Hacks, Books, Climate Change and Technology
A Southern woman always seems to be the best "Listener"
Topics: Relationships, Movies, Shows, Business and Books
I am a student at the University of Maryland for Business Administration and HR Management. 25 with a 4 year old
self motivation
Hi i’m just a gal looking to listen for money!
Topics: Anything, Emotions, Parenting, Cooking, Advice, Relationships, Football, Music, Life Hacks, Books, Climate Change, Technology and Sports
My name is Lindsey and I look forward to listening and engaging in lifting conversations! I am a happy woman that will put a smile on your face during these crazy times!
Topics: Climate Change, Politics, Music, Life Hacks, Technology and Conspiracies
nice outgoing guy who’s down to listen to anyone and accept my advice
Topics: Life Hacks, Politics and Books
mommy of 3 trying to make as much money as I can💜
hi my name is jocelyn I’m a good listener and advice giver
Hello! I am eager to work with all of you!
hello my name is Dinah I am here to listen and show you my full attention and to be a great listener 🙂🙂
easy going very intelligent and gives great advice very friendly
I’m here to make money just to make money because I’m bored because of the quarantine
I’m a athlete
hello ! my name is jasmin but you can call me jazzy for short. I am hear to listen to anyone’s stories and to help with anything you may be going through and im also hear as just an ear as well 🙌🏾.
I am a college student who likes to read. I am majoring in political science.
hi I’m 22 and I’m trying to earn some money
Topics: Mentalhealth, Dating, Sobriety, Recovery, Health and Relationships
Hello! I am a former RN. I am an expert in many things. I can talk and give advice on health, mental health, sobriety, recovery, love, dating, healthy and toxic relationships.
hey there, Im a certified game designer including a computer technician by trade. Read lots of self help books/articles and enjoy playing games and traveling on my off time. Enjoy listening to podcasts and success stories to motivate me and grow
My name is Sabrina and I look forward to speaking with you! I’m an ENFJ so I am a great listener!
I’m 19 hard working and like to do things on my own
Hi! I’m lala I have an incredibly strong intuition and an overwhelming feeling to help people and I feel like it is my calling to share my gifts with the world. some say any for telling of the future is evil I say then what is a prophet which I am not professing to be but I am blessed with a gift of knowing from time to time and if u have faith and need an ear or encouragement and direction if god shows me something and wants you to know I will share it
hi,am 34 African from Nigeria.i love to meet people and also I talk a lot and am a good patience and fun to talk to.ask me whatever you want to know
My name’s kamali D Williams I’m an electrician
Topics: Life Hacks and Sports
I am a great listener & advice giver😊
Topics: Love, Movies, Culture, Art, Music, Climate Change, Life Hacks, Books, Sports and Technology
I’m a music and culture and art lover
good vibes
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Lover of many things including beauty, love, music, helping people, and most importantly Jesus my Lord & Savior
I’m 21 male I play video games
party time
Mariam Sackor
Hi my name is Mariam Sackor
Topics: Movies, MentalHealth, Depression, Cooking, Dogs, Breastfeeding, Children, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
Hello, I’m a 32 year old mother of 4 and am a SAHM. I’m very laid back and easy to talk to.
Topics: Sex, Philosophy, Economy, Cars, Sports, Surfing, Baseball, Climate Change, Books, Life Hacks, Politics, Conspiracies and Technology
I’m willing to listen to anything that pays
Shorti rock
Shorti the best
Topics: BPD, Relationships, Personal, Music, Books, Climate Change and Conspiracies
Hello, I’m Teri. I am an open minded, empathetic individual who would love to listen and talk on any subject you wish!
Topics: Japanese, Politics, Books, Technology, Life Hacks, Climate Change and Conspiracies
homemaker practicing social distancing & playing apps that pay!!