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I am a listener, I am here to give you a pending ear that you need, please get in contact with me. I am here to listen to you. I do not judge
my name is Gary, first I’d like you to know I’m here to listen to you. I am a father of two and currently in a committed relationship. I have plenty of experience up to this point, and have helped all different kinds of people who seek someone to talk too.
hello pretty people
Topics: Books, Climate Change, Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Stressrelief, Venting, Music and Singing
i’m just a girl who likes music, books, and making people happy. My goal is to help anyone relieve stress, give you my best advice, or be a shoulder to cry on if you just need to vent.
Topics: Divorce, Overwhelmed, Aging, Isolation, Retirement, Vaccines, Loneliness, Family, Depression, PanicAttack, Anxiety, Dogs, Climate Change, Life Hacks and Politics
I'm an experienced listener, here to give you a place to talk, vent, or whatever you need.
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Topics: PokemonGo, Callofduty, Xbox, Technology, Tarot, Zodiac, Astrology, Horoscopes, Food, Crypto, Netflix, Onlyfans, Movies, Spanish, Modeling, Investing, Entrepreneur, Conspiracies, Life Hacks, Books and Selfemployed
🫧Hi i’m Rozay. I’m 24.🫧 Let’s chat for a bit.
Ms. Iget Morecash
Topics: Everything
I’m FANTASTIC @ LISTENING❣️❣️🙂 Call me with your CashApp information will send you $5!!💰
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I’m breaking generational curses. The woman I am today wasn’t built over night , i was built off pain.
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Hi! I’m a total sweetheart and a great listener. I also have a BA in Business, 12 years experience in insurance and business infrastructure, and enjoy a wide variety of hobbies. 😊 Talk to me, you know you want to.
Louis here
I'm here anytime
I’m a great listener
Topics: Relationship, Callofduty, Basketball, Climate Change, Sports and Technology
I’m willing to listen and help I’m a good English speaker
I am 21 years old. I am looking to read some interesting story’s and articles.
Topics: Chatting, Tarot, Spirituality, Advice and General
Hello! Just here to listen!
feel free to ask anything
Topics: Spanish
great listener , spanish
Topics: Conspiracies and Technology
hard worker trying to get back into the work force
Topics: SpecialDiet, Advice, bookreading, Coupons and Astrology
How to achieve a confidnece while being to be feel good about the decisions life you make along the way stems from your true experiences; making mistakes and learning from them can make you stronger. Avoid looking at situations from one one perspective - open your mind to different and creative outlooks for these may be the solution to what really might work. Remember that then answer to the question may change and spin up from time to time. We are all human and for the most part live for certain level level social acceptance, which is archivable through the confidence you present. You must be acceptant with change and be able to deliver yourself focused and
I am very active and love the outdoors. I am a good listener(my friends remind me of that a lot)
Mrs Heaven
Hi my Name Heaven scott
Topics: Climate Change, Life Hacks, Technology, Politics, Japanese, Conspiracies and Sports
Hi my name is Tyreak you can call me Ty For short, have a problem or someone to listen to your issues, call me I'll be the one to listen and give you advice and solutions to make your day better.
Topics: Sex, ClintEastwood, OffGridLiving, TheBeach, Art, Animals, Plants and Life Hacks
There is no coming to consciousness without pain - Carl Jung
Topics: Gardening, DIY, Crafts, Books and Life Hacks
I’m someone who always tries to find a solution first!
Hi I’m Erika an I love to make my clients happy in whatever field I’m in. Have been an expert in customer care for over 16 years. I’m eager to try new things while exceeding expectations and being exceptional in my work ethic.
Topics: Makeup, Dancing, Podcasts, DOGS, Swimming, Shopping, Climate Change, Technology, Life Hacks, Books, Politics and Conspiracies
hi! I’m Resey! I’m conversational in Spanish, I’m an empath, I have training & personal experience with mental illness, and have used listeners before to get the help I need, and I would like to give back!
Topics: Climate Change, Anything, Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Baseball, Sports and Books
Knowing that I am here and listening!
I’m Parker
Topics: Phonebonding, Phonesex, Bonding, Havingfun, Walking, Happiness, Love, Sex, Books, Life Hacks, Climate Change and Sports
hello I’m Tatyana and I’m here to help
Topics: Sports
Hey I’m A Good Listener.
Topics: Networking, Computers, Art, Ideas, Finance, Stress, Changes, Fitness, Debate, Astrology, Science, Tarot, Weddings, Romance, Entrepreneurship, Animals, Goals, Mystery, Passions, Hobbies, Selfhelp, Foreclosure, Realestate, MotoGP, Racing, Gaming, Lifestyle, Brainstorming, Languages, Translation, Cooking, Business, ESL, Spanish, Shows, Travel, Food, Books, Friendships, Family, Relationships, Work, Film, Music, Stocks, History, Life Hacks, Politics, Conspiracies, Sports and Technology
I like to think of myself as a friendly and understanding person.
Topics: Hardchildhood, Climate Change, Murderedparent, Rape, Domesticviolence, Schizophrenia, Anything, Kids, Parents, Fishing, Love, Honesty, Secrets, Sex, Relationships and Politics
Hello, I am here to listen and help. I am a great listener and very honest. I do not judge and I am very open about myself and my experiences.
Brenda ellison
I'm a disabled single mother.
Topics: Hopelessromantics, Acting, Photographer, Dancing, Singing, Sports, Technology and Climate Change
my name is Letoy Johnson I’m 39 years old I have my food handlers license in my serving liquor license I’m certified Rose construction what’s the weather for success class Bruh I’m a jack of all trades and I just love working with my hands so hands I love just helping a lot i’m not a operator excavator to my life I have them various of things to see which one I like and I love being my own boss and I actually need a mom a extra movies and couple TV shows so that’s my dream is to be an actress but I can say I’ll be a lot shops I have been a janitor I have a weld it I have been a fast food restaurant and I’m always going over the top for customers like they think because it was always right even when their wrong i’m just trying to be the best that I can be in which ever way I decide to go.
I am great listen and will give advice if you wish to have it.
Topics: Anything, Life, Sex, Surfing, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Climate Change, Japanese, Baseball, Conspiracies, Sports and Technology Hi. My name is Candice and you can call me Nijah. I’m 29. Taurus. I live in Las Vegas. I’m single. I have no kids. I’m a Model/Book keeper and I’m here to listen.
hi I'm evangelina and here to listen to whatever you may need to talk about and almost always available!
Sis ReRe
Topics: Books and Life Hacks
Hello, My name is Sis ReRe. I am here as a confidant, and a Listening companion, for you! I cannot guarantee, that I will not ask, if I can pray for You after, or during our session. You are Welcome here. May GOD richly Bless you. Shalom 🌹
Topics: Havingfun, Books, Conspiracies and Life Hacks
I'm here to listen to understand not just to respond
I am a 47 yr old proud mom of 2 grown children and a Nana of 2 grandbabies. I've been through a lot, including 4 marriages. In 2015, just a few months before my daughter graduated number 10 in her class, she actually taught me how to be a good listener. She called me crying, I'm talking snot flowing crying. To this day I do not even know what it was about. I remember trying to think of something to say, trying to fix whatever had made my baby girl so upset. She instantly stopped her melt down and said to me, "Mom, i did not call for you to fix anything or give me any advice or words of wisdom. You are who i needed to tell my tragic drama too. Mom, I just need you to listen to me." "Yes mam" was my response. that was 6 years ago and from that day since, when she calls with a certain tone in her voice, I know she just needs me to listen. For her to know she can come to me and tell me anything without judgement, I know I've done my job as a Mom. My Baby Boy, my heart over flows for this one. At the age of 22, he is an electrical engineer for the US Army. To this day, he sits in my lap and I listen as he tells me all his adventures within the Army. My best friend and the love of my life is currently incarcerated. We met in 2006. By 2010 he was my best friend and also the year i fell in love with him. By 2014 we were living very different lives and lost contact with eachother. For 5 years I was in love with a man I never even saw or talked to. He was who I always needed to talk to about things going on in my life. 2019 I was at a point in my life that I really needed my best friend back in my life. That was when I found out he was in prison, only 20 minutes away. He had only been locked up for 7 months out of a 5 year sentence. The very day I found out where he was I sent him a message and not 2 hours later, after a long grueling 5 years of no contact, we were on the phone and back in eachother's lives. Since that very day there has not been a day gone by that we have not talked on the phone. He will come home to me May 2024 and we will have our happily ever after. during the last 3 years I've done a ton of listening with him. The things he has to say about what goes on in prison is astounding. I'm sure this has gone way past any self introduction, but this is just some of what I've gone through to become a good listener. I'm looking forward to also listening to you.....
Topics: Hobbies, Conspiracies, Books, Climate Change, Politics, Sports, Technology and Life Hacks
hello my name is Brianna you can me bri I am here to listen to anything you have to say . I’m funny very outgoing trust me you will learn to like me I’m the best when it comes to being that shoulder to lean on
Topics: relationships, anxiety, movies, friends, family, makeup, animals, music and food
My name is Jessica. I’m 27 years old born & raised in Texas. I’m a great listener. I may not always know what advice to give, but I can try my best. I’ve been through a lot in my life good & bad. I’m very understanding of any situation & would love to be there for you if you need me.
Topics: Conspiracies, Life Hacks, Technology and Sports
I'm willing to discuss any English will all people interested
Topics: Bible, Salvation, Death, Depression, Lord, Christ, God, Truth, Religion and Faith
I have been in ministry for over 30 years.
Topics: Future, Love, Lifepath, Spirituality, Tarot, Life Hacks, Books and Conspiracies
Hello, my name is Kalmly I'm here to listen
we can talk about anything i have nothing but time on my hands
Topics: Work, Conspiracies, Technology, Sports, Aging, Healthcare, Family, Relationships, Movies, Music and Kids
Hello, I am an amazing listener who will let you talk about whatever is going on. From relationships to careers to school. Whatever you need to say, I'm here for you.
good evening I honestly have no idea what this app is about I am supposed to just listen I really am a great listener people vent to me all the time. If you need someone to vent to I will gladly listen. Anytime of day it doesn't matter
Hi Loves, consider me your big sister, best friend, mom friend you can talk to about anything.
Topics: Astrology
I interpret astrology birthcharts. astrology birthcharts can show you what your bad habits are, what talents you are neglecting and the themes of your love life/career/family etc. and how they’ll improve overtime. (no personal questions please)
Topics: Life Hacks, Sports, Climate Change, Conspiracies and Technology
Hey, my name is Becca and i am 32 years old. I have two children and I am a good listener I am here for every need you have. Call bee I will listen to you.
Topics: Yourchoice, Familyissues, Hobbies, Struggles, Love, Recovery, Addiction, Life, Parenting, Relationships, Domesticviolence, Life Hacks and Conspiracies
mother of four. I’ve been through a lot in my life and can offer support and an ear to listen to whatever you need someone to hear. you set the stage for the conversation. I can just listen or offer feedback. your choice.
I’m 19 years old live in Texas
Topics: Books, Life Hacks, Life, Psychedelics and Conspiracies
Hey there I’m a great listener
Topics: Surfing, Life Hacks, Books, Politics, Climate Change, Japanese, Baseball, Conspiracies, Sports, Technology and Anything
My name is Zail and I enjoy to listen to whatever people need to say.
Topics: Life Hacks, Anxietyattacks and Parenting
I’m always here to listen and give advice.
🍎 slҽҽթվցíɾl 💫
Topics: Music, Camping, Snuggling, Movies, Life Hacks, Books, Sports and Technology
Hey Id love to talk and get to know you more! :]
Topics: Books, Life Hacks, Technology and Conspiracies
I’m 22 and I’m here to listen no judgment zone always ❤️
My name is Kristina. through all my trials and tribulations I’ve learned to humble myself and listen without judging.
listen by Sarah
Hi Friends, my name is Sarah and I am so happy to be here. I am a stay at home mom who would love to help anyone in need. I love to listen to others and help others through any tough time or help you celebrate any occasion!
Topics: FamilyIssues, HolidayHelp, Life Hacks, Books, ADHD, FeelingDepressed, MovingTips, Organization, CreativeTips, Stepmother, Stepkids, MarriedLife, Dating, RelationshipAdvice, Hosting, PartyPlanning, WeddingPlanning, Travel and Art
Hi I’m Christina! I love to travel and spend time with family. I am a good listener and problem solver. I truly love helping people.
I’m A Great Listener, My Friends Tells Me This All The Time , I Love Listening To What People Have To Say
Topics: Conspiracies
helloooooo :-)
I believe the phoenix is what everyone should see as their spirit animal. The phoenix represents rebirth and rising from the flames as a stronger person. Always choose to be the phoenix because you are stronger then you think.
Topics: Worries, Shows, Domesticabuse, Momtalk, Parent, Depression, Family, Survior, Conspiracies, Life Hacks, Climate Change and Books
hello, I’m ashley, I’m a mom of four kids and sometimes need a pep talk myself , I might not be able to solve problems but I can give as much advice as I can , I’m a domestic violence survivor and had a messed up child hood ! you will not be judged here
My name is Makayla. I am from Tennessee and go to college at Alabama State
Topics: Cooking, Parenting, Children, Makeup, Advice and Books
I have always been known as the girl to go to when life is getting tough. I understand being misunderstood, grief, and pain (father of children passed away in 2013). I also know happiness 😊 I'm always here for you
Brooke mill
I am very easy to talk to.Most people would say I have a very welcoming personality! In which tends to make people more comfortable around me.I love to listen to others and if needed I am glad to share my input,and if somebody doesn’t need advice then just talk away! Get it out! please vent! I’m only here to help ..
Topics: Trauma, Assault, Childhood, Motivation, School, Business, Surgery, Fear, Forgiveness, Intuition, Peace, Health, Growth, Change, Family, Technology, Everything, Anything, Milwaukee, Weight, Amazon, Music, Projectmanagement, Consulting, Selflove, Healing, Payroll, Kids, Hysterectomy, PCOS, Fashion, Relationships, Love, Pregnancy, Relocation, Friendship, Marriage, Life, Motherhood, Depression, Anxiety, Travel, Luxury, Desiger, Blendedfamily, Separation, Implementation, Shopping, Life Hacks and Books
A lover of most things with a dislike for BS. I’m a talker and I’ve always had a way with words. Finally finding a way to express myself and what interests me. I work in implementation and project management but I wanted to be a nurse. lol I do like what I do and the flexibility it provides though. Reading, traveling, music, luxury handbags/shoes, shopping and relaxing are my current favs. However, I’m getting into decorating, renos, fashion, more involvement in my kids schools/activities, my anxiety and self love/care.
Topics: Concealing, Therapist, Relationships, Advice, Companionship, Technology, Climate Change and Politics
Hello my name is, Matty I'm 27 years old I'm a good listener an love helping people an giving advice when I can.
I am here to listen
hello my name is Sharyia just need money to get by.
Megan Graybill
Topics: Conspiracies, Climate Change, Politics and Sports
Capricorn ♑🐐
I am a small town girl single mom wild by nature but I am someone with a big heart I know how to fierce when I need to ii have my own demons i battle with but make no mistake that only makes me better and doesn’t limit what I have to offer
Topics: nails, Books, Life Hacks and Sports
Hi. My name is Jayla and i’ll be your listener today.
Topics: Spirituality and Life
I would like to offer an experienced, nonjudgemental listening ear to any of my fellow humans needing to vent or seeking honest advice on how to navigate through this terrible beautiful thing we call Life.
my name is Aspen :) I’m here to talk with you and hopefully make you feel better. I’ve been the “therapist” of my friend group from day one. I’ve got the advice if you need it
everybody needs a great listener and someone to vent to I love helping others with struggles and mental health as well not everyone is perfect and not everyone had good days im here to listen and give advice and lift individuals in life
Haitian boul from norf philly
Topics: Everything, Relationship, Life and Conspiracies
Hello my name is moesha, was born in PR, great listener and also great at giving advice. been told I have a tendency of making people feel comfortable so I’m putting it to the test
Topics: Life Hacks, Volleyball, teens and LGBTQ
Topics: Volleyball, Cooking, Shopping, Church, Jeeps, Parenting, Kids, Computers, Clothes, Elevators, Sports, Technology and Life Hacks
Working mom of three kiddos. My job is in the elevator business.
Topics: Health, Sorrow, Anger, Kids, Life, Death, Heartbreak, Love, Sports, Books and Conspiracies
I’m here with an open ear and mind.
Topics: Life, Mentalhealth and Dance
Each one teach one.
Hello, my name is Ashton B Fields
Hey! I'm here and happy to listen, provide support, encouragement, whatever it is that you might need. I'm here for you.
Alwats ready to learn more
Topics: Life, Friendship, Love, Career, Movies and Music
Hi! My name is Kyla. I’m a physiotherapist and I love working with people on a daily basis.
it Ned
Asia E
Topics: Life Hacks, Love, Family, Relationships, Mental, Life and Conspiracies
Motivated Hustler. I’m very outgoing. I’m a trustworthy woman and easily to communicate with. I’ve always loved helping others in any way that I am able. I love listening to others and providing the most truthful feedback.
Topics: Life Hacks, Baseball, Sports, Music and Animals
hey my name is Marty
Topics: Conspiracies, Camping, Fleamarketd, Thrifting, Thriftstores, Casinos, Marriedlife, Friendship, Jewelrymaking, Dogs, Photography, Rvlife, Adultchildren, Emptynesters, Socialmedia and Travel
Hello, so I need to introduce myself, ok. I have been spending the last few years traveling the states with my husband while living in my RV full time. My children are grown now so of course the empty nest syndrome killed me. So beside photography I am figuring out what I like to do now. I am into wire wrapping, making jewelry. I love hiking and digging up crystals. I love Photography it’s always been my passion.
Topics: Anything, Friends, Family, Work, Sexlife and Life Hacks
HELLO , I am charisma Rey opened minded like to think outside the box . I’m out going love to read books watch sports I like romance movies, horror, family . I like trying new things love being are people .
hi my name is raven
Hi! it’s ya girl Kelsey I’m such a down to earth person who is just understanding on about anything.
Topics: Surfing, Life Hacks, Books, Conspiracies, Climate Change, Japanese, Sexed, Girltalk, Sex and Love
I'm a humble girl who is unbias and fair and loves having fun!! educated yet young and fun!!
tattooed southern bell who goes to the beat of her own drum
Topics: Advice, Helpwithyourmental, Suicidalthoughts, Technology, Life Hacks, Books and Conspiracies
Hi I’m D and I love making friends and hearing about peoples lives. I offer pretty good advice too! I want to go to college for psychology and help so many more people!
Kennitra lackland
Hello my name is Kennitra Lackland . I am 22 years old I Graduated from Penn high school. I’m from Chicago Illinois . I love listening to music and hanging out with friends.
my name is Daniel and I am here to hear you anytime:-)
Hi I’m Sarah Wodenshek
Topics: Surfing, Books, Politics, Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Climate Change, Baseball and Technology
here to help
Hi! My name is Kristen, and I’m here to lend an open ear to those in need of a good vent. I do not judge!
I’m 24 I have three nephews and I love reading
hello my name is Monae I’m here to help you
I am a great listener with a sweet heart, I have always had empathetic ways about me !
Hello, my name is Melanie I’m here to help you in any way possible.
hey my names kaykay. I’m 30. mother to a beautiful 5 year old sassy little girl!
Topics: Venting, Anxiety, Depression, Mentalhealth, Selflove and Friendships
I’m good at listening and giving advice. I will help you sort out things.
Topics: Hair, Beauty, Fashion, Life Hacks, Books, Baseball and Sports
my name is Jariah I’m 26 years old a mother of 3 soon to be 4
love to listen
hi there I am a freshman college student I go by the name Juliet to all my friends I am here to be friends with those I talk to and really help y’all feel heard and happy to have someone there for you
hello my name is destiny I am 23 years old .
self motivated great listener team orientated
ready to put my ears to work
Topics: Automotive, Sciences, Schooling, Cooking, Fashion, Music, Country, City, Conspiracies, Singlemoms, Traveling, Tattoo and Life Hacks
Hey I’m Maranda and am ready with my ears open to listen to you
My name is Shyann I am a 21 year old mother to a newborn
The first time you have a problem
Greetings! Happy to help you with your listening projects!
la Luna
Topics: Life Hacks, Conspiracies and Technology
intuitively understanding of oneself
Topics: Books and Conspiracies
You can call me Mimi. I am 16 and I love listening to people’s problems and giving advice. I have some of my own problems but it it’s therapeutic for me to help others. If you would like for me to listen don’t be afraid to Reach out to me ❤️