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hi I’m a mom and my family is the most important thing to me
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Hello! There's no such thing as being too much. I'm nonjudgmental and always open-minded and willing to listen without criticism. No matter the topic!
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Good Listener
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I'm here to listen ☺️☺️☺️
Chrissy love
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chrissy Love looking for company 💖
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Hi Timi Sims
Mr. Knowledgeable
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You Can Talk To Me Anytime! I’m All Ears😇
I’m Davey Christ🖤👽🤍. I’m an empath, a great listener, and I literally love everybody in the world. My best friends are sinners😈, but you goodie goods can talk to me too😇. I can give you great advice, make you feel better about something that’s weighing you down, help you become free from sin if you like. Try me 🖤👽🤍 😈👽😇
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Hi my name is Terra and I'm a go getter
I listen to all types of problems Relationships,PTSD, Domestic Violence,etc
Hi my name Is Rapheal. I always have an ear to listen.Im not here to judge anyone in any situation.
Hello beautiful! I’m going to talk about the importance of being comfortable in your own skin.
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Here to listen
Hi, I’m Jay!
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My name is: Brandi Jo, I am a 38 yr old Alaskan Native Tlingit, Phillipino, Asian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian & German woman from Petersburg AK, but raised in Juneau AK w/2 lil sisters to Christine Y. & Dean H. I am a widow of 15yrs to Joseph F. Demmert, & currently engaged to Henry K. Johnson Jr. 37 of Yuma AZ/Sitka AK. I gave birth too 4 beautiful smart goofy big/lil Tlingit girls; Alia 22, Neela 11, Jhen’e 5 & Kamilla 4, plus my step-daughter Adriana 13, from Henry & Rosita. I love hiking, the woods/nature, Volleyball, Football, swimming in the ocean, biking, fishing, camping, my native cultural, drawing/coloring, music, dancing, socializing with my peeps & playing online games/social media. I love & care too much, for the people that are in my circle. I am loyal & committed to anything that I want. I am goofy, weird, pretty, short, independent & very strong/courageous. Hugs, can’t wait to meet ya!...
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Hello Lovelies! My name is Kendra, and I am a very good listener. No matter what I will be here to listen and to help.
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Hi my name is Asjia Bowens Love
Hello! get to know me!
I am good to go and down to earth
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Licensed Psychologist here to answer questions about psychological theory, psychology education and the process of obtaining a doctorate, the pros and cons of being in the field, Curriculum Vitae organization, EPPP licensure and study tactics, and more!
Anitra’s shoulder
I know everyone needs someone to talk to I just want to be an open ear with no judgment
Ms Ino
Welcome ❤️ Do you need a laugh or just somebody to hear you out? let’s talk ! I have a variety of subjects to speak with from empowerment, relationships, work, personal life, animals, and much more 💘
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Hello my name is Isaiah, new to this app
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HELLO, I’m Bryan! I believe in Jesus,I am 26 years of age and I am transgender female to male. I Just wanna help, I’ve found myself plenty times just needing someone to talk to still do, but I found Jesus and helps me a lot. But I understand we should be listening to one another here on earth. Please if need someone talk to anytime just reach out, I’m here. MUCH LOVE AND POSTIVE VIBES, GOD BLESS!!❤️💙😌
hardworking reailbe
I'm in my late 20s and I have alot of life experience but I am ready to listen however you choose, be it silence, advice, or feedback.
good advisor
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I love helping people and giving advice where advice is needed
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hi my name is Veronica I’m a very nice person hard and a worker
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Hi, I'm Sam. I am a single father of a teenage daughter so listening has become a bit of a specialty of mine. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, to vent about the rough day you've just had, relationship troubles, to share that secret you've been dying to tell someone and be able to rest easy knowing it will be kept confidential, or even someone to try that joke out on, I'm all ears!
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Hi, my name is Cheyenne. I am 23 years old. I am into inner psychology and basic psychology itself, so I love hearing what other have to say and engaging. I believe in world peace and getting there haha. ✿☻♡࿊𖢻𖥸࿔𖦹𖤓𖥾
hello, I am a psychology major graduating soon so I have experience in human services.. I am open to talking about all topics, I don’t judge. (:
I’m good listener
hi I’m Savannah.. I’m a great listener and comfortable person to talk to!
I’m bored
Hi! I'm Renee. I have a big story to tell I'm sure you do as well. never any judgment and always here to listen and help in anyway possible. call me!
im a good person
Hello! I am a very patient, humble individual that understands you can’t learn by talking!