Syracuse talk line
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Hi my name is Gary and if you or your friends need someone to talk too or just have someone listen too you then please give me a call .
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My name is Emmy and I am a great listener. I have lived quite the crazy life so, I assure you, there is nothing you can say to me to make me judge you or that will shock me! Come on! Try me!
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Hi! My name is Chasity! I am a 39 year old wife and mom of 3 teens. I have a BS in Psychology. I am originally from Tennessee, but currently live in Indiana. I love cooking, true crime, NFL, and testing products. I have my own issues with mental illness, and other health problems as well. I am willing to listen to you about a variety of topics! Please be advised that all conversations should remain respectful.
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let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.... on the hotline
Neeka Marie
Topics: Ontime, Dependable, Listening, Surfing and Books
Available for calls and text!! very strong minded , caring , outgoing and generous! always on time and always there! very outspoken and dependable when needed !
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lGBTQI+ Affirming Nondenominational Minister, community builder, sexual health, LGBT history, and harm reduction educator, Activist and party throwing charity fundraiser.
I work as hard as I play, I play like it’s my last day, I will hear everything that you say and be there for you all the way.
Sean Dunton
Topics: Fishing
hi I’m Sean a small town fisherman
Topics: Sex, Life Hacks and Sports
im leslie i have mental problems in here if you ever want to talk i have 5 kids
Topics: Politics and Technology
hi I'm emily
Miss. Beulah
Topics: Prayer, EconomicIncrease, Poetry, Theater, ArtHistory, Film, Religion, Literature, Ethnicities, Prejudice, Spirituality and Psychology
I am ready to listen!
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Hello my name is tanner for further questions give me a call
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Hello there! My name is Jenna. I’m in my late 30s and based in California. I’ve done a lot of traveling in life. I’ve traveled to 32 countries, granted I’m counting Macau, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan as separate countries. I have a degree in international and intercultural communication; although I study psychology for fun. People fascinate me. I believe in universal good. I think everyone wants to do good in their lives. Everyone wants to think that they are doing the right thing, that they live by good morals. Well almost everyone. I admit that there may be some people who don’t want to make the world better. Anyway, I’m single, but have a good family. My folks passed a few years back and I helped them through the hospice process. That was rough for sure. I am open to many religions and movements. I grew up Mormon but as I joke I gave it up for lent.
Jakaiusa Lakhyree
Hey, my name is jakaiusa if you want you may call me Jay for short. I have an extremely calm and chill personality and love talking about progressing in life, and enjoying the small simple things we should all appreciate more. I listen to others because there’s always information that someone else can teach me. So if I can have the chance to swap experiences and knowledge with someone else I take it.
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hello my name is Nikki I'm a awesome listener and people say I give good advice as well. hit me up for anything I'm all ears!!
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I am a recovering addict I've been clean for over 7 years I'm 36 and have been through a lot in my life anything you need to talk about I'm pretty sure I've been through
I’m here if anyone ever wants to talk
Topics: Life Hacks, Conspiracies, Climate Change, Family, Food, Tv and Life
Hi, my name is Essence. I’m may not be a therapist but I’m a great listener. I’ve always been the mediator in my family and friend groups. I only give my opinion unless you ask. Feel free to be yourself because I will always encourage you to.
Topics: Sports, Japanese, Technology, Conspiracies, Baseball, Climate Change, Surfing, Life Hacks, Politics and Books
I am a Great listening so just come in let me know what going on with you ok thanks please. P.S I NEED THIS JOB FOR ME AND MY KIDS 2 girls thank you guys I really appreciate you all God bless you all please come thank you
hi I’m Ashley I love animals and music
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Hi there! My name is Joelle. I just want you to know I’m here for you anytime! :)
The listener
U talk I listen don’t worry I got you
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Hi I'm Foxx, 43 years old, 3 children. I'm self-employed, on here looking for a friend!!!
hello!! my name is Aria and I’m here to listen to you guys.🙂
My name is Yasmine
Hey there I’m Rhys or Rhysie & I’m ready to listen! A little bit about me. I’m a mom, I have a lot of interests from gardening to gaming ( I love COD, AC, Halo and various other games). I’m a great conversationalist and even better listener!
Topics: Life Hacks, Conspiracies and Sports
Hello my name is Jahlia
Topics: Parenting, Kids, Fishing, Gardening, Books, Life Hacks and Technology
Hi! I'm Emma and I would love to work with you. I hope to hear from you soon :)
Topics: Troubles, Life, Therapy, Mentalhealth, Performing, Conspiracies, Relationships and Music
hi I am always here to listen, and help in whatever way you need!
Topics: Life, Work and Children
hello, how are you?
I’m a single mother of two I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m an eager, outgoing, dependable and trustworthy person.
Topics: General, Fun, Music, NFL, VideoGames, Movies, NBA, Conspiracies and Sports
Chill vibes. Sports bettor and father. Whether you’re bored, lonely or just need to talk, I’m here to listen and chop it up with you. No judgment. Also here to talk to my fellow sports bettors if you need help or motivation.
a listening ears that’s been through a lot so don’t be afraid to ask or tell me anything
talk to me
outgoing an very patient.. love to help
Topics: Friends, Religion, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Work, School, makeup, Books and Conspiracies
hello, how are you! :) my real name is jael but I just like to go by “j”. my favorite flower is the sunflower and favorite color is yellow!
Lisa. 28. New York. B.A. in History.
Hi, My name is Elizabeth I am bilingual. I enjoy having conversations and being helpful or just hearing you out.
hot mess married couple one on one advice or both of us to share our wisdom after 21 years
Topics: Books, Sports, Baseball, Technology and Life Hacks
hi I’m Eboni
Topics: Books and Life Hacks
Hey there, I’m Nadee. I’m eager to hear all you have to say.
Nina Milan
Topics: Technology, Conspiracies, Music, Entertainment, Beauty, SocialMedia, Fashion and Books
Hello, everyone. I am a great listener whenever someone needs someone to talk to about a topic. You can talk as much as you want and I can just be their to listen to your ideas, thoughts, etc.
I’m young, I am a youth minister. I have experience in multiple areas of life, and things that we deal with from a day to day basis. here to encourage and tie hope.
Topics: Life Hacks and Books
My ears are yours!
hey my name Tay and I’m 21yrs old and I live in Illinois
Hey my name is Tiffany I have been a Bartender (aka a therapist that gets paid less) for 10 years. I’ve heard it all and seen most too. Not much travel outside of the country so English is the only language I know and understand but if you want to vent in your native tounge sometimes it may be better if the other person doesn’t know what your saying ;) I’m here for a friendly ear, advice I can offer if asked but don’t take my word as gold as I am not a lawyer, doctor, true therapist or counselor. I do however have a lot of experience with lifes lovely problems from relationships to addiction to legal battles even car sales. if you just want a virtual shoulder to cry on I can do that too, don’t be embarrassed or shy I’m a GOOD LISTNER no judgement EVER!! Hope I can help someone get thru a time in their life where they need someone, anyone, to just be there. I know I could have used it more than once in life. Talk to you soon. Please note: I am not a sex talk hotline person so if that kind of thing is what your hear for or to get you’ll cost triple lol no but please NO!!
hello, mom of 4 just trying to make life a bit easier
a very good listener
Hi. I am Sjohnell and I am here to help others and be there for another.
Hello my name is Sheri and I’m eager and ready to assist/help.
hello, I’m here to make sum kash money
Topics: Sports
Topics: Southasianchildhood, Friendships, Publichealth and Career
I have been told that I’m a great listener from all my friends. can give advice on friendships, career advice (if you’re in the 20’s), women empowerment issues and also south Asian cultural upbringing issues.
Topics: Baseball, Sports, Japanese, Surfing, Technology, Conspiracies, Books, Climate Change, Politics, Fashion, Goals, Relationships, Makeup, Beauty and Life Hacks
I’m 18 just trying to make peoples life’s better
I’m cool loving introvert
I’m 18 years old, I’m a female that graduated high school and looking for a job
Liza here, worth a listening ear!
Topics: Life Hacks, Books, Climate Change and Conspiracies
talk to me about anything
I am a very good listener and love to learn new things
here to listen